446 manufacturing industries in Ethiopia stopped production – etbaba.com

Because of the shortage of finance, infrastructure, and absence of coordinated support from the government, 446 manufacturing industries in Ethiopia have stopped production.

This is indicated by the Minister of Industry of Ethiopia Melaku Alebel, who briefed reporters today.
In addition, lack of skilled manpower is also identified by the Ministry as among the major challenges the manufacturing industry of Ethiopia is currently facing.

He indicated that a campaign labeled, ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’, has been going on in different regions of the country. The Minister further stated that as a result of these challenges currently the manufacturing industries in Ethiopia are producing only with half capacity (at 50%).

The campaign will be officially launched at the national level next Saturday, according to the Minister, who indicated that the ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ aims to address the challenges of the manufacturing industry in Ethiopia with a long term plan.

The campaign, which already identified that 446 manufacturing industries in the country have stopped production, also aims to help the industries back to business and to attract new investments in the sector.