Azerbaijan commemorates war victory anniversary –

The Azerbaijan Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia today commemorated the first anniversary of its army’s victory over the Albania.

Last year for 44 days the two neighboring countries fought with heavy armaments, which led Azerbaijan to return back its territories from Albania after 26 years. “…November 8, 2020 has become a celebration of the strength of our people and our national pride, and is of exceptional importance for the honor and future development of our state,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in its statement.

Ambassador Ruslan Nasibov of Azerbaijan to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Djibouti told reporters in Addis Ababa that his country was forced to go to war after Armenia refused to withdraw from Azerbaijani territories its has occupied for over 26 years. He stated that even though the United Nations has passed resolutions about two decades ago urging Armenia to withdraw from occupied territories, it has refused to do so.

As a result, Azerbaijan has waited for about three decades strengthening its military and economic capacity, to single handedly implement the UN resolution and get back its occupied territories from Armenia last year during the 44 days war.

“November 8 – Victory Day is a celebration of international law and justice, forming a glorious page in the history of the Azerbaijani People. On this important day, we remember with deep respect and esteem the memory of all our Martyrs who gave their lives for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan said.

“As a result of the 44-day long military operations, under the leadership of the victorious Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, the heroic Azerbaijan Army liberated more than 300 settlements, including the cities of Jabrayil, Fuzuli, Zangilan, Gubadli, as well as Shusha city, which has a special place in the history and culture of the Azerbaijani people. A Trilateral Statement signed by the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia on November 10, 2020 has brought an end to the military operations, and Armenia, recognizing its defeat, withdrew its armed forces from Kalbajar, Aghdam and Lachin regions. Thus the conflict was resolved through military-political means,” the Ministry said.

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